Dr. Usha Mantha


Dr. Usha Mantha is the Founder and CEO of Verve, Weight Loss & Laser Aesthetics, a medical spa located at the foothills of Mount Baldy in Upland, CA.

Trained as a surgeon and Member of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, England, Dr. Mantha has been an expert in providing women’s health care for over a decade through her primary care offices.

Dr. Mantha’s extensive training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and her passion for providing courteous, comprehensive medical care to women has remained the core foundation of her medical primary care services. Dr. Mantha has been successfully providing a wide range of services including early teenage women’s exams, well-women exams, perimenopause and postmenopausal care services.

Dr. Mantha is the epitome of a well-trained gynecological surgeon and an easily available and accessible family doctor, providing great aesthetic services.

Trained as a Gynae surgeon from the world-renowned Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London, England, Dr. Mantha has all the qualities of a highly-skilled surgeon, from rigorous training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology to proficient, detail-oriented out-patient surgical procedures.

Through her love of reading, teaching and expertise in women’s health care, Dr. Mantha has achieved the status of Provider, Instructor and Advisory Faculty Status in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO). ALSO is total life support for pregnant women during pregnancy and childbirth and comprehensive intensive training for maternal safety during childbirth. Dr. Mantha has been proudly teaching, conducting, and directing this course annually for Family Medicine Residents at local family medicine residency program for the past 10 years.

Dr. Mantha brings all the qualities of her Family Medicine practice like courteousness, comprehensive evaluation, affordability and accessibility to her Med Spa, Verve, Weight Loss & Laser Aesthetics.

This combination of a skilled gynecological surgeon and a passionate family physician, along with her keen and well-balanced aesthetic sense, makes Dr. Mantha a top-rated Women’s Health Care and Aesthetics Provider.

Dr. Usha Mantha practices what she preaches and teaches to help women be healthy from inside and beautiful from outside. Great qualities like transparency, hard work and 100% ethical practices ensure you are never overcharged and undersold for your beauty enhancements.


Dr. Usha's Achievements

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