PicoSure® uses the latest laser technology to remove all colors and hues of tattoos by delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin. These pulses create a PressureWave™ that targets the pigment of tattoo ink while avoiding unmarked skin.

The PicoSure® laser breaks down the ink into tiny dust-like particles, which are easily eliminated by the body. The result is a clear, clean slate after just a few laser treatment sessions. The PicoSure laser is more effective than traditional tattoo removal and requires fewer treatments.


What are the benefits


Typical sessions last less than one hour and most patients see dramatic results after one session. The total procedure typically requires 3-6 sessions depending on the size and color saturation of the tattoo.


Previous generation lasers could take up to 20 sessions to fully erase a tattoo. The Picosure laser accomplishes the same results in a fraction of the time. 


Laser tattoo removal permanently erases your tattoo completely. Some people may experience slight hyperpigmentation in the treatment area, but the ink is totally erased.    

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I recently got the vampire facial and I just have to say I'm truly in love. Dr mantha and her staff are very professional and care so much about their clients. My experience there was good from the second I stepped in the door to the second I left. The prices are great and you really are getting the best service. Would highly recommend.

Katie P.

Katie P.

Ontario, CA

I LOVE Dr Mantha!! I can't say enough good things about the staff and the doctor. When you first walk in the waiting area is small but really cute. But you normally don't wait very long .... You'll be called in pretty quickly if you're on time for your appointment. The prices are extremely reasonable I've been to many Med Spas so I definitely...

Rosey P.

Rosey P.

Highland, CA

You turn 50 and you look in the mirror and start to see flaws. I had brown age spots due to being out in the sun. Thank you to Dr. Mantha and her magic laser wand and 3 treatments they were gone. Feeling 55 and fabulous. Thank you for making me look younger and youthful. Excited to wear no makeup and go out!

Terri G.

Terri G.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


To request an estimate on pricing, please fill out the form and upload a picture of your tattoo for the doctor to review.

Laser tattoo removal is an effective treatment for permanently removing most unwanted tattoos. However, the number of treatment sessions required depends on your unique tattoo, ink density, size of the tattoo, location on your body and other factors. 

Pricing depends on the number of sessions needed to remove the tattoo ink to where it is no longer visible. As the number of sessions required depends on the factors mentioned above, pricing is highly variable. A personal quote must be estimated by the doctor for each individual case. 

After we receive your request, and the doctor has a chance to review it, our office coordinator will reach out to you with an estimate of number of sessions needed and the total cost of treatment.

Benchmark pricing per session for tattoo removal is approximately $300 for a small tattoo; $450 for a medium size tattoo; $550 and up for large tattoos (requires consultation). 

Clinic Hours:
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday – Friday

Financing Options:
Verve partners with Care Credit if you need help financing your treatment.

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Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal

PicoSure laser treatment is a method of removing tattoos or discolored skin areas like brown spots or acne scarring. The laser involved in the process fires for only a picosecond (one trillionth of a second) which is where the procedure gets its name. PicoSure has been validated as safe and effective by the FDA for both processes, and is considered one of the best forms of tattoo removal in existence today.

When a tattoo is administered, the ink is placed beneath the surface of the skin. The body identifies this as an invasive intruder and swarms it with white blood cells to contain and eradicate what it views as a threat: but the ink is too large for the white blood cells to carry away using the lymphatic system. This is the reason tattoos fade over time, but never totally go away: the body cannot transport the ink away to dispose of it.

This is where PicoSure comes in: the laser targets the blobs of ink and breaks them into tiny pieces that are small enough for the body to clean up and dispose of. Because there is high contrast between the ink and the surrounding tissue, the laser beam can target the ink without harming the patient’s skin. While black tattoo ink is the easiest to remove, PicoSure works for all tattoo colors, including difficult to remove pigments like red, green, and orange.

About a month before your scheduled treatment it is important to avoid sun exposure and tanning– the more melanin the skin, the more difficult it is for the laser to target the ink. While this can mean darker skinned individuals require more treatments to remove their tattoos fully, PicoSure is still a good solution. Additionally, individuals who have an infection or are otherwise sick, and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should talk to their doctors before the procedure. Smokers will need to abstain completely for two weeks before the treatment as well. 

While the procedure itself is relatively fast (between ten and forty minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated) the number of sessions required to achieve desired results can vary by the individual. Typically between two and four sessions are needed for full tattoo removal, but skin blemishes can be removed in fewer sessions. Most sessions are scheduled with six to eight week increments in between them, so that the skin has time to heal itself.

Most patients compare PicoSure as less painful to getting a tattoo, though this is not always true. Most doctor offices will offer anesthetic or other topical pain relief for patients concerned about this. 

Immediately after treatment the skin will be tender: patients must wait 24 hours before showering or submerging the treated area in water, and should avoid pools and hot tubs for the duration of the treatment. The body will react to the treated area like it has been injured, so it is important to take similar precautions as one would normally for a wound, including using topical creams and bandages. 

Just like when getting a tattoo, it is important to leave the skin alone and not pick or scratch at it after treatment. There is a risk of scarring, so keep the skin well hydrated and covered in Vaseline or a similar ointment for three to five days while the body heals.