What Is Sculpsure?

There are two primary types of fat: fat that protects your body and stubborn fat that does nothing but stand between you and your body goals. Stubborn fat is very difficult it is to lose. If you’ve tried everything, we want to introduce you to something new, something effective, and something that will work. At Verve Weight Loss & Laser Aesthetics in Upland, CA, we offer SculpSure, a body contouring treatment that can deliver some life-changing results.

What Is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a body contouring treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to heat fat cells to a temperature of 120°. Once the fat cells are heated, they are damaged and destroyed and experience apoptosis, which is the technical term for cell death. The body then slowly eliminates the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system and metabolic processes over time. As it does, you get tighter and more toned and can see your muscle definition.

The Problem With Stubborn Fat

Even some of the leanest and fittest individuals have stubborn fat. Stubborn fat can show up anywhere, but the most common areas include the front and sides of the abdomen, the back, and thighs. If you have areas with stubborn fat, you’ve probably given up on trying to eliminate them because this type of fat is characterized by its resistance to diet and exercise.

When Diet and Fitness Doesn’t Work

If you’ve tried every new diet, limited your carbohydrates, cut your sugars, and have been performing high-intensity cardio, but nothing has helped eliminate those problem areas, we want to introduce you to a treatment that will. It’s not a substitution for the gym, and undergoing treatment doesn’t mean you can start eating whatever you want, but it will target and eliminate those fat cells for good.

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy permanent results and live free of those problem areas that have stood between you and all of your body goals.

A Non-Surgical Solution

In the past, the only way to permanently eliminate stubborn fat cells from the body was through a surgical procedure like liposuction. Liposuction involves removing fat cells from targeted areas of the body with the use of a cannula. An incision is made in your skin, and the surgeon suctions the fat cells out. The procedure does result in bruising, downtime, and a recovery.

However, now there is a non-surgical solution to eliminate stubborn fat cells from the body, and it’s non-invasive, gentle, and quick. There’s no downtime, no stitches, and no recovery. You can even schedule it on your lunch break at work, and while all your coworkers are eating tacos, you’ll be on the way to becoming a tighter, fitter you. And no one will ever know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

When you come in for your treatment, you will lie down on a treatment bench, and a technician will place the SculpSure pad on your target area. You’ll feel a warm sensation as the radiofrequency energy emits from the device and targets your subcutaneous fat. You won’t need any anesthesia, and you won’t feel any pain, just a warmth that will dissipate after the treatment is complete.

After a quick 25 minute treatment, you’ll be free to go about your day. You can revel in the fact that you just spent some of the most 25 productive minutes of your entire fitness journey in our treatment room.

What Areas Can I Target?

This quick, non-invasive treatment only takes 25 minutes to complete and will help melt away stubborn fat in your problem areas. It can treat the abdomen, love handles, submental fullness beneath the chin, the thighs, and the back.

Will I Need Multiple Treatments?

It typically takes a few sessions to effectively destroy the fat cells in your treatment area. Some patients want to treat and focus on one area during each session; others choose to treat multiple to achieve their desired results.

At your consultation, we will design a treatment plan that’s right for your needs. We can schedule your sessions accordingly with the right amount of time between each to effectively target your problem areas and eliminate that stubborn fat for good.

Is There a Difference Between Coolsculpting and SculpSure?

Coolsculpting and SculpSure are both body contouring treatments, but Coolsculpting uses a cooling effect to freeze fat cells, which causes them to die. SculpSure uses a warming device to heat the cells with radiofrequency energy and destroy them. Both provide effective ways to target stubborn fat, but one treatment may be better suited for patients over the other.

SculpSure delivers some amazing results, and we are proud to offer this effective fat-melting treatment to help our patients finally reach the goals they may have thought were unattainable. In just a few week’s time, you can eliminate that stubborn fat that’s been bothering you for years and hasn’t responded to any diet or fitness changes.

How Soon Will I See Results?

You can expect to see results within the first six weeks of beginning treatment. Your body will metabolize the dead fat cells slowly, and you will continue to see improvements with every session. You’ll notice a significant decrease in the total fat volume in your treatment area as your body continues to flush those fat cells from your target area.

Supporting Your Body’s Metabolic Processes

Massaging the treatment area, promoting a healthy lymphatic system by exercising and hydrating your body with plenty of fluids, and eating a healthy diet will help your body effectively flush those fat cells out so you can achieve quick and consistent results. When your body has to focus on eliminating excess chemicals from your diet or has to process excess fats and sugars, removing those fat cells may be put on the back burner.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make a world of difference in helping your body work quickly and efficiently at clearing the dead cells from your problem area so you can enjoy your results and finally be free of those pockets of stubborn fat.

Am I a Candidate?

If you are an active individual in good health and want to treat problem areas with stubborn fat that won’t respond to your healthy lifestyle, diet, or exercise routine, and you have a BMI of 30 or lower, you may be a good treatment candidate. This may be the treatment you’ve always needed but never knew existed. This treatment is not a substitution for a healthy diet or an exercise routine.

It’s not designed to treat large areas with dense fat. Those who are obese will not qualify for treatment until they reach a healthy weight. If you have lost weight and are now left with areas of stubborn fat that have made you feel like you’ve plateaued, this treatment can help you break through that plateau and reach your body goals.

Evaluating Your Problem Areas

An initial consultation at our office is the best way to determine if the treatment is right for you. We can evaluate your problem areas in person and determine if these treatments can help you reach your goals. We can also make recommendations and create a treatment plan to help target one or multiple areas so you can see results quickly.

Break Through Your Body Plateau

This treatment is quick, efficient, and safe. It will deliver results, but those results will appear gradually, so you’ll never look as if you went and had something done. Everyone will think you’ve just tightened up your diet and have been hitting the gym even harder, but you’ll have SculpSure to thank for your new and improved body. Contact us today at Verve Weight Loss & Laser Aesthetics in Upland, CA, and schedule your initial consultation.

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