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laser Vaginal REjuvenation

Mona Lisa Touch

The laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment, Mona Lisa Touch, is a revolutionary technology that has changed the life of millions of women across the globe. Mona Lisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation is performed exclusively at Verve Med Spa by Dr. Mantha.  

Vaginal Rejuvenation restores collagen and elastin that deteriorate under the surface of the vaginal walls. Negative effects from women's hormonal changes can be prevented or reduced with the MonaLisa procedure. It can replace the need for hormonal supplements, though this depends on the individual.

The non-invasive laser procedure can improve the way you experience menopause, peri-menopause, hormonal changes, postpartum and even life post cancer. 

Urinary Incontinence

laxity (tightening)

Menopause + Post Pregnancy

Burning, itching, dryness

Pain During Intercourse

Atrophic Vaginitis

Three Treatment Sessions

< 10 minutes per session

In-office Procedure

No anesthesia or downtime


From the web: https://www.monalisatouch.com/monalisatouch-the-laser-therapy/

MonaLisa Touch® is a functional vaginal treatment based on a special fractional CO2 laser, specifically created for the vaginal mucosa.

MonaLisa Touch® prevents and resolves estrogen drops in the vaginal tissue (typically occurring during menopause or after childbirth) by re-activating the production of new collagen and reestablishing the conditions that the vaginal mucosa once had.

MonaLisa Touch® is now the most effective non-surgical and non-pharmacological solution for preventing and treating vaginal atrophy and its after-effects, which many women suffer from during menopause and after childbirth.


The CO2 laser gently acts on the vaginal walls through a special scanner, creating indistinguishable micro-lesions that are required for triggering a neocollagenesis process (production of new collagen) and reorganizing and re-equilibrating the components of the vaginal mucosa.

The laser’s action therefore safely and painlessly reactivates and reestablishes the proper function of the relative urogenital structures while also improving the symptoms associated with urinary dysfunction (mild incontinence due to stress).

tissue regeneration process lasting numerous weeks is triggered, but stimulation occurs immediately and significant improvements can be seen even after the first treatment.

The mucosa tissue thus becomes more nourished and hydrated and the epithelium becomes thicker, more toned (vaginal tightening) and elastic. It also reestablishes the correct vaginal pH, which helps maintain its natural protective barrier and reduces the risk of infection.

One simple treatment lasting only a few minuteswithout painside effects or recovery time, can give the tissue the tone and elasticity it once had, with positive effects on one’s quality of life and personal relationships.

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Dr. Usha Mantha


Dr. Mantha is the founder and owner of Verve Med Spa In Upland, California. An experienced specialist in medical aesthetics, and a physician with 30+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Mantha helps women and men achieve beauty, health and confidence from the inside out. 

Dr. Mantha is also a trained and experience weight loss expert. She is an active member of the Obesity Medicine Association, The American Board of Obesity Medicine, and The Center for Medical Weight Loss. 

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