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Hair Restoration In Upland, California

Hair Restoration

Most people don’t know that they’re dealing with permanent hair loss until significant changes have occurred. Are you worried you can no longer stop your hair loss problem? Hair restoration treatments can help you reverse the visible signs of hair loss, boost your existing hair, and increase your new hair’s density. We offer excellent hair regeneration treatments to meet your hair regrowth needs at Verve Weight Loss & Laser Aesthetics in Upland, CA.

What Is a Hair Restoration Treatment?

Hair restoration is a broad term that refers to any treatment that stops or reverses hair loss. The goal of the treatment is to restore the presence of healthy, full hair on the scalp. Non-surgical treatments, such as what we offer, are highly effective options for reversing hair loss. They’re also not painful and simple to manage at home.

Why Does Hair Loss Happen?

Hair loss is a persistent issue that many people face. According to some studies, over half of men in middle age will develop the issue. A significant percentage of women will encounter hair loss as well. Nevertheless, many people, particularly men, can start losing their hair as early as their mid-twenties.

So, what causes hair loss? Genetics and hormones play a role. First, your genes determine the speed and longevity of your hair growth cycles. It is the reason why many people will notice that hair loss runs in families. Genes also affect how thick your hair is. Second, hair loss is caused by hormonal deficiencies and imbalances brought on by middle age.

What Is the Distinction Between Hair Shedding and Hair Loss?

Many people confuse normal hair shedding with hair loss, but there is a significant distinction between them. Normal hair shedding refers to the amount of hair you lose on a daily basis as a result of washing and brushing your hair. Hair shedding can range from 50 to 100 strands per day. Hair that falls out due to normal shedding will regrow on its own.

Some people naturally experience more hair shedding in the late summer and early fall. On the other hand, hair loss is the inability to grow new hair due to a permanent reduction in functional hair follicles. Thinning hair and less hair density in the scalp are the most common signs of hair loss, which is usually concentrated in one area. Many people, for example, lose hair at the hairline or on the crown of the head.

How Do You Perform Hair Restoration Treatments?

A standard blood draw is required to begin a Hair Restoration treatment. First, your blood is collected and placed in a vile. To avoid contamination, we only use a single-use blood drawing kit. Just a few tablespoons are required for the treatment to be effective. Next, the blood will be spun for a set amount of time in the centrifuge to extract high-quality platelet-rich plasma.

The growth factors found will be extracted from the blood and used to induce hair growth on the scalp. The solution is applied to the scalp in various ways, including injections across multiple treatment areas to encourage hair growth. The treatment works best when conducted through injections or microneedling. For the best results, we recommend four sessions that are scheduled four weeks apart.

Is the Treatment Safe and Comfortable?

We use a prescription-strength numbing cream as well as a local anesthetic to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. You can rest assured that it is safe and virtually risk-free because we only use substances taken directly from your body. There is no risk of an allergic reaction, making treatments a viable option for almost anyone suffering from hair thinning or loss.

How Soon Can You Expect To See Results?

How long it takes for you to see the results depends on your individual response. Still, our patients have noticeable results several weeks after the treatment. Your results can last for several months to a year after the treatment. When you’re ready for a touch-up, all you have to do is return to our office and undergo the same steps.

Is the Treatment Effective?

Your body’s response to the hair regrowth treatment is unique, but you will definitely notice changes. In fact, varying degrees of hair regrowth have been observed by our patients. It may take several weeks for some to see results, while it may take months for others. For lasting results, we recommend that you switch to hair care products that do not contain sulfates.

You may also use products that have active ingredients which work in tandem with your hair regrowth treatment. It’s also a good idea to change your hair-care habits, such as how often you comb your hair and brush it. Styling your hair with heat or washing your hair with extremely hot water must be avoided.

Who Are Good Candidates?

In men, hairlines and overall hair quality can be affected by both genetics and age. Our treatment can help preserve what aging has taken away. Would you like to feel younger and restore confidence in your appearance? After undergoing treatment, you’ll feel self-assured in your looks once bald spots have disappeared. Your hair will no longer shed excessively, and you’ll feel more like yourself again.

In women, hormonal fluctuations can result in hair loss during and after pregnancy. Women who have had one or several pregnancies are all too familiar with the hair loss and the subsequent slow regrowth. This treatment can help women improve the appearance of hair during postpartum months. It is also helpful to women whose hair has been affected by aging.

You Can Fully Restore Beautiful, Thick Hair

Hair loss does not have to be permanent, and you now have a plethora of options in addition to Rogaine. Hair restoration treatments can range from tablets to topical foams, making hair regrowth simple and possible. Thanks to advanced medical technology, PRP injections offer another way for you to effectively restore beautiful hair with amazing, long-lasting results.

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Usha Mantha, MD

Dr. Usha Mantha is the founder and owner of Verve Med Spa. An experienced expert in minimally invasive aesthetics, Dr. Mantha helps women and men look and feel their best! She is extensively trained in laser aesthetics and injectables treatments for treating cosmetic skin conditions, reducing signs of aging and enhancing one's appearance.

In addition, Dr. Mantha is a trained and experience weight loss expert. She is an active member of the Obesity Medicine Association, The American Board of Obesity Medicine, and The Center for Medical Weight Loss. 

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